It seems like a crime against Muslims in India, not a crime, French newspaper

It seems like a crime against Muslims in India, not a crime, French newspaper

Commenting on India’s decision to release the convicts in the famous Bilqis Bano case, the leading French newspaper said that it seems that the crimes committed against Muslims are not crimes.

This comment was made by ‘La Libre’, a well-known French-language newspaper in Belgium, in its report on the plight of Muslims in India and the commutation of punishment for those who commit crimes against them.

In its report titled ‘Anti-Muslim Program Continues in India’, the newspaper wrote that the acquittal of 11 accused in the rape and murder of a Muslim family testifies to the atmosphere of impunity against those who persecute this religious minority. .

Later, commentator Emmanuel Derville gave the full background of the incident.

He continued his writing saying that this is a matter that India had forgotten.

A crime that resurfaced on August 15, 2022, when authorities in the state of Gujarat released 11 people sentenced to life in prison for the gang-rape and murder of 14 people, including a 3-year-old girl.

Only one woman, 21-year-old Bilquis Bano, who was pregnant at the time, survived, who was raped and left for dead.

After describing the incident of February 28, 2002 in full detail, the paper criticized the role of the Hindu fundamentalist parties BJP and VHP, as well as the officials of the police and state institutions.

The newspaper reported that a member of the commission formed for the release of these convicts agreed to their early release and the phrase uttered by one of the convicts that ‘the convicts are high caste Hindus, so they deserve to be freed. deserve, especially noted

The paper went on to write that the release of Bilquis Bano’s rapists shows that apart from condoning anti-Muslim crimes, Hindu fundamentalists can be rewarded with the collusion of the authorities.

The turning point in Balquis Bano’s case is the latest episode of anti-Muslim hatred that has been brewing since Narendra Modi came to power in 2014.

The newspaper also mentioned the arrest of Teesta Setalvad and RB Sreekumar, two human rights activists who raised their voices against the decision.

The paper finally wrote that the Prime Minister in particular has no interest in justice as he was never questioned for his failure to prevent the 2002 Gujarat massacre.