Masters in Computer Science Engineering in Abroad

Masters in Computer Science Engineering in Abroad

To create cutting-edge computer systems, computer engineering combines electrical engineering and computer science. Master of Computer Science Engineering holders create new or enhance current computer components using their knowledge of computer hardware and software. Universities and academic institutions all around the world provide master’s degree programmes in computer science engineering that prepare graduates for highly-paid careers in the creation, design, research, and testing of computer hardware and software.

Students pursuing a master’s degree in computer science engineering have the option to focus on a variety of subfields, including robotics, wireless networks, integrated circuits, and healthcare systems. Applicants to a master’s programme in computer science engineering must hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. The Master of Computer Science Engineering degrees include a wide range of study options, including online, distance learning, part-time, and full-time. The two-year Master of Computer Science Engineering programmes sometimes include a thesis project where students can work individually or in groups to further their technical knowledge of a specific field of computer engineering.

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MSc in Computer Engineering

National University of Singapore


The Master of Science (Computer Engineering) programme aims to give students profound theoretical understanding and exceptional practical abilities in the development of hardware, firmware, and software. The curriculum is intended for students who want to specialize in computer engineering, researchers and technical staff who work in related sectors, people who want to get involved in the digitalization movement, and people who want to put their business ideas online.

Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering 

Auburn University 

Auburn, USA

On-campus candidates for the Master of Science in CSSE have the choice of continuing their studies or engaging in independent study. Through a well-rounded curriculum of education and research, students will expand their knowledge and excel in the fields of computer science and software engineering. On-campus students have the option of writing a thesis or not. They can choose to focus on fields including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, computer networks, and data science.

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

University of Padova

Padua, Italy

The Master’s degree is intended to demonstrate exceptional knowledge and skills for creating state-of-the-art IT solutions. The curriculum provides both the theoretical foundations and practical abilities necessary to manage sophisticated applications in a variety of computer engineering domains.

Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

University of Castilla La Mancha

Ciudad Real, Spain

The UCLM provides the University Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering degree to continue training ICT professionals (MUii). Each graduate of the Computer Engineering programme underwent an intensification that allowed them to concentrate on a particular subject of study. The MUii aims to enhance students’ education so they may join a team that needs both depth and breadth of technological knowledge.

Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering

University of Miskolc

Miskolc, Hungary

The program’s goal is to educate computer science and software engineers who, once they have attained a high level of natural science and specialized technical knowledge in their field, can design new IT systems and equipment, develop and integrate IT systems, and carry out and coordinate tasks for IT-related research and development. They are prepared to carry on with their graduate work.

MSc in Computer and Electrical Engineering

Khalifa University

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Before receiving the Master of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering (M.Sc. in CE) degree, students must complete all requirements of the programme of study, which include both taught courses and a thesis. Within the broad field of computer and electrical engineering and related domains, the thesis conducts an independent examination of specialized areas.

MSc in Computer and Systems Engineering

Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn, Estonia

The course’s core subjects include the development and application of advanced modern computer systems. Students participate in courses related to innovation and entrepreneurship, hardware systems design and modeling, computer architecture and programming, software project management, databases, to name a few, as part of their degree programmes.


The two-year master’s programme in computer engineering is offered by numerous institutions of higher learning. With these degrees, students can pursue professions in sustainable, useful technology. Computer engineering differs from its near relative, computer science, which places a larger emphasis on theoretical understanding, due to the practical character of the profession.