Take 5 Oil Change Sneak Peek: Overview, Services And Review

Take 5 Oil Change Sneak Peek: Overview, Services And Review

Would you like to try to Take 5 Oil Change services? Are you debating whether it’s worth your money? Even if it doesn’t seem like your car is notable or needs any extra care.

Therefore, avoid taking your car to a mundane independent shop if you need the engine oil changed. Of course, in the back of your mind, you’re thinking about the expense. Due to Take 5’s quick growth, corporate processes needed to expand along with it, and employee training was an area in particular that the company desired to enhance. Take 5 and other auto service businesses are owned by Driven Brands.

So let’s read this post to learn more about this brand, their service, their cost, and much more.

Overview of Take 5 Oil Change

A mid-sized automotive oil & fluid business called Take 5 Oil Change provides a range of goods & services via its website take5oilchange.com, including mobile oil change services. Some of their rivals are Racechip, Mr. Lube, or Valvoline Instant Oil Change. Popular for time-pressed customers, Take 5 Oil Change offers mid-priced items on its own website & partner sites, revolutionizing the niche online market for auto oils and fluids. Visit Take 5 Oil Change if you’re looking for the greatest car maintenance services or for your car at a fair price. The United States is where it is situated.

Take 5 Oil Change strives to uphold the highest level of personnel training and development, set high standards for its services, and achieve or surpass all benchmarks for client satisfaction. In Metairie, Louisiana, they made their initial entrance into the building in 1984. They currently have 18 locations across the country. Take 5 Oil Change offers a wide range of services that all promise to go above and beyond your expectations. You might discover the ideal services among them.

They place a premium on quick, amiable, and straightforward oil changes. They replace the engine oil and filter in just a few short minutes. Vital under-hood fluids examined and topped off as needed.

  • Anytime, Drive-Thru. No need to schedule a meeting.
  • Choose your oil. Your options will be displayed by their technicians.
  • As the oil is changed, you can unwind in your automobile.
  • Once finished, rate the service, make a payment, and then leave!

Take 5 Cost-Effective Oil Change Advice

Here are some excellent suggestions and methods for Take 5 Oil Change to further reduce costs:

  • Check Mysavinghub to see the most current Take 5 Oil Change coupons, promos, or discounts before you make a purchase.
  • Sign up for the Take 5 Oil Change email list to get the best deals, offers, money-saving discounts, & coupon codes delivered straight to your inbox.
  • To get the most recent coupons and discount codes, go to the ‘Sale’ area of Take 5 Oil Change website.
  • If you want to find out about special offers and new products, check to Take 5 Oil Change on social media.
  • Join the Mysavinghub email to receive all our Take 5 Oil Change offers.

Take 5 Oil Change Provides Benefits

Optimal Oil Process

They are an excellent company for changing oil. Only the top oil brands, including Castrol, Mobil 1, or Shell Rotella, kept in stock there (Diesel). Our experts are aware of the requirements your vehicle must meet to keep your company operating efficiently. Additionally, they offer fleet account controls to ensure that your drivers only make use of the products and services that you have approved for your business.

Quick Service

They are incredibly skilled and quick because they only replace oil. Your driver will stay inside the car after being scanned in and get ready for their next task as they open the hood, check your tires, and finish our inspection process. Once more, how fast is it? Your driver is to be back on road & making money for your business in just ten minutes.

Your Own Way to Pay

Regardless of size, they offer a monthly billed account with every fleet customer. Why? It is quick for your drivers and easy for you. However, they also provide cash, credit cards, and fleet cards if that is how you like to pay.

Spend More to Save More

They understand that your business should save more money than you spend with us. As a result, the number of vehicles on your fleet used to determine the everyday fleet discount. Additionally, they provide every user the chance to save money on goods and services like wiper blades and air filters.

Why Select Take Five Oil Change?

  • You must always take matters into your own hands to avoid the terrible stories that other auto owners have suffered by essentially throwing their vehicles at an independent garage owner.
  • Keep in mind that the incredibly low price can be available every day of the week, without exception. The cheapest option, though, might not be the best one for your car.
  • You can picture the quality of service you’ll get from a local garage given the lack of profit margin on a high-cost enterprise. The majority of novice car owners are unaware that cheap parts and unskilled labor are to blame for the price discrepancy.
  • Independent garages bill customers 10–20% more than renowned auto repair shops, but the higher cost is completely justified by the superior components and work you get.
  • The professionals at Take 5 are amiable, extremely knowledgeable, and exceptionally skilled, in contrast to those at neighboring garages. To deliver important information, they will take a time to speak with you directly. In addition, you will handle it humanely rather than like an automated machine. To put it another way, they won’t exploit you.
  • They will be able to do the oil change more quickly than usual due to their degree of competence. You’ll be in or out in less than 30 minutes, which you won’t believe. The waiting area is also tidy and welcoming. Sincerely speaking, finding it would be impossible.
  • Take 5 is an expert in this area. Owners of vehicles are promptly and politely welcomed when they arrive at one of its locations. The most crucial factor is that they renowned for offering services at fair prices.
  • Their oil change services won’t break the bank as a result. They also offer a variety of packages to suit the requirements of various car owners.
  • Regardless of the oil change package you choose, the old oil will change out for a high-quality car to prolong the life of the engine. Better yet, a premium filter will used, which also needs to update.

Price of Take 5 oil changes

Depending on the type of oil you want to use, Take 5 oil changes to cost different amounts. The prices per quarter-quart for the five various kinds of Take 5 oil changes listed below:

  • An oil change did the conventional way $5.97 $5.97
  • Change of synthetic blend oil: $7.97
  • Oil change with high mileage: $6.97
  • An oil change at the limit: $8.97
  • Mobil 1 – $9.97

There are three different types of motor oils available. You can choose an oil that costs somewhat more than regular oil but less than synthetic oil at the rate of Take 5.

Partner Perks Program for Take 5 Oil Change

To better assist neighborhood businesses and organizations in our communities, Partner Perks created. Partner Perks is an excellent way to reward your staff or just to take advantage of our prompt, friendly service at a competitive price for your entire company. Every size of organization can use it.


The benefit of having employees for your company or group.

You may benefit from the savings each time you receive your oil changed by signing up, which is free.

Employee commitment to the business or its culture is raised.

Our Partner Perks program created with you in mind—the businesses that support and grow our neighborhood communities. Any time you get your oil changed with us, they want to demonstrate their support for the neighborhood by giving you a discount. They respect your time, and that’s why they offer a true drive-thru oil change that is hassle-free and carried out by kind and knowledgeable professionals.