Who is the boss at PSG? Mbappe?

Who is the boss at PSG? Mbappe?

Football and Kubet fans used to think that “Chairman” Mbappe would dominate the PSG dressing room, but in fact, the French superstar was still “young and green”. Let’s find out who is the real boss.

At the beginning of this summer’s transfer window, football fans witnessed a very quick “turn of the wheel” of Mbappe when the French superstar extended his contract with PSG instead of joining Real Madrid.


Immediately after the record contract in the history of football, people began to doubt the power that the French superstar holds in the dressing room of the Park of the Princes. There are times when Mbappe is like “death” in Paris when only someone’s name has to be “packed” from the most powerful team in France.


Typical victims of Mbappe can be mentioned as Angel di Maria or even former head coach Mauricio Pochettino. Not stopping there when Neymar almost “followed” the two characters mentioned above if Christophe Galtier did not appear at the right time.


And right after sitting on the hot chair at Parc de Princes, the French military leader let the young man born in 1998 know who is the “real boss” in the dressing room. Basically, all ideas of Mbappe’s “internal construction – developing the team” were dismissed by Mr. Galtier.


And of course, Mbappe’s discomfort is not small, especially when he does not have the position at the club as he hoped. However, with his sociability and ingenuity, Mr. Galtier still ignored the hysteria of the young French striker. All that the former captain Lille did was use his words to pull the group of “elder” players like Ramos, Messi, Neymar, etc. to his subordinates by isolating Mbappe.


Then the climax of Mbappe’s secret appeared in the second round of Ligue 1 when the French player disputed and had an internal conflict with Neymar over the penalty issue. Although at that time the world media began to raise suspicions about the underground waves at PSG, all Galtier did was still…talk.


The French strategist summoned Neymar and Mbappe to reconcile in a very simple way. However, the player who is earning the highest salary in the history of world football also understands that with the faction that coach Galtier has built, the opposition only makes Mbappe more isolated. It is also impossible to leave because he has already put pen to paper on a “tonne” contract with PSG.


So of course, Mbappe compromised in frustration. And like a talented man using people, the 56-year-old strategist uses the tactic of “punching and rubbing”, helping Mbappe integrate with the “elder” group as mentioned above and giving the French superstar the great perks (e.g. full penalty kicks).


Immediately, that tactic of Mr. Galtier came into full play when PSG had just experienced a jubilant 7-1 victory over Lille. Worth mentioning, all three superstars on the attack, Messi – Neymar and Mbappe simultaneously scored, created each other as well as smashed all doubts of the media about internal conflicts.


So you see, Mr. Christophe Galtier has done too well the task of a captain leading all the superstars in such a short time. The French strategist has learned very well the failure of his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino – who could not manage an “expensive” dressing room like that of PSG.


A very remarkable related development is that coach Galtier is a big fan of two coaches, Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho. It is known that winning the hearts of the French military leader was also learned directly from the two veteran coaches mentioned above – who are “super masters” of the Dac Nhan Tam technique.