7 Most Trending Ways To Decorate Your Home On Diwali

Diwali is one of those famous festivals which are celebrated not only in India but also abroad. People wait for this festival eagerly, and before a month, they start preparing for it. We all know that this festival is celebrated as the victory of light over darkness and the victory of good over evil. It is celebrated on the new moon night when it is a night, and people convert that darkness into light by lighting a lamp.

Before a month of Diwali, people start to maintain their homes by cleaning and decorating them. They paint and repair their home and replace their old furniture with new ones. It is believed that in “Dhanteras”, which is celebrated a couple of days before Diwali, the luckiest day to buy new things where people buy jewels, gold and silver coins, utensils, vehicles, and many more items.

So, Diwali is coming, and we hope you are also preparing to celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Here we have shared some valuable details and important ways to decorate your home and give it a trendy traditional look.

The Traditional Rituals And Mythology Of Diwali

According to mythological principles, people worship Lakshmi Ganesh on this day. And distribute sweets to their relatives by lighting a lamp in the house. On this day, people decorate their house like a bride and fill it with light so that no corner of the house remains dark. On this day, people also worship their cows and bullocks as another form of wealth and opulence.

There is also a religious belief that on this day, Lord Rama, along with Sita and Lakshmana, had returned after killing Ravana and completing his 14 years of exile, and then the people of Ayodhya welcomed him by lighting a Diya.

In Bengal, special worship of Mahakali is done on this day, and it is also believed that this day is a special day for attaining siddhis. There the idols of Mata Kali are seated in different types of pandals, which are the centre of attraction.

Amazing Ways To Decorate Your Home On Diwali

Diwali is a special festival for all of us which we like to celebrate in a very exciting way. On this special day, we want our homes to be attractive so that we can enjoy ourselves and the guests also appreciate it. So let’s know some important aspects by which you can beautifully decorate your house. Here we have mentioned the 7 best and most amazing ways to decorate your home on Diwali.

Flower Decoration

The best way to decorate your house is to decorate with different varieties of flowers like marigold, roses, lotus, lily or Champa, etc. you can make a beautiful flower rangoli on the door post, and you can make a garland with these flowers and decorate it by hanging in your home.

Instead of using heavy marigold garland, you can use simple strips of tuberose with marigold on every doorstep of your house. It will look very amazing, and you can also add mango leaves in the strips or other flowers like jasmine, frangipani, spider lily, etc. you can order different varieties of flowers and can place them in your flower pot; otherwise, you can place a decorative brass vessel in the living room. Fill it with water and use different flowers to give it an attractive look, and by using these basic techniques, you will give a different look to your home.

Decorate Home With Diyas

You can simply give your house a decent look by lighting some earthen lamps, and you will see the whole look of the house change. You can purchase a different range of Diyas, but a simple earthen lamp is the best option to support the poor potter. Always make sure to use Diwali Diya instead of artificial lights to decorate the house on this Diwali and decorate every corner of the house with it.

Rangoli Making

A beautiful rangoli on the doorstep of the house will attract the attention of every visitor. If you make it attractive, you can use different types of flowers and Gulal or special rangoli powders. After making Rangoli, you light a lamp in the middle or around it; it will give a comprehensive look. If you are not good at making Rangoli, then you can get different Rangoli making paper from the market and spread colour into it as per the instructions, and you will get a beautiful Rangoli after removing the paper.

Decorate With Tea Lights

Tea lights are the best and easiest option for decorating the house on Diwali. There are many types of colourful and fragrant tea lights available in the market by which you can decorate your home. You can decorate them by pouring these beautiful tea lights into a glass or putting them in a glass jar filled with water on the living room table. Other parts of the house, such as the balcony, evening room, bathroom, and kitchen, can be given a modern look by decorating them with tea lights.

Decorate With Paper Lanterns

In today’s era, we are using many types of imported decorative ideas to make Diwali special. Paper lantern is also an important thing. Today, there are many types of beautiful paper lantern options available in the market so that you can decorate your home.

Decorate With Floating Candles

Floating candles are the best and most modern way to decorate your home on Diwali, even in a hurry. You just have to buy them and burn them and decorate them all around the house. You can order these special candles online or by visiting local markets. It is available in different colour shades with a variety of perfumes.

Decorate With Creative Pylons

Decorating The Door With A Pylon Is A Traditional Mythological Indian Custom That People Use To Decorate Their Homes With Beautiful Strings On Any Special Festival. You Can Also Give An Attractive Look To Your Door With A Pylon; Today, There Are Folding Pylons Available That You Can Order Or Prepare Yourself.


Wishing that Diwali brings good luck to you, we would like you to celebrate Diwali in a different way, which should be completely traditional but not polluting ways. So take a pledge that this Diwali, instead of the bursting crackers, we will celebrate green Diwali.

We have tried to throw light on those important aspects so that you can decorate your home beautifully on Diwali and celebrate this festival in many beautiful ways.