Find Your Way and Much More…

Find Your Way and Much More…

It was initially depicted on cave walls, mammoth tusks, and clay tablets before travellers and explorers conveyed their findings on paper. In the modern world, people employ sophisticated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help them plan, understand, and be connected to what matters through a combination of complicated mathematics and visuals. Why can’t you use regular paper?


A peek at Hema maps might excite you about exploring new areas and broadening your horizons.

Recognising that there is so much of the world about which you know nothing is a step towards broadening your horizons. A genuine curiosity about this vast planet is a powerful motivator for personal growth and adventure.



The mere realisation that there are vast stretches of the universe about which you are entirely ignorant can be a liberating experience that leads to a more expansive perspective. The desire to comprehend the vastness of the planet drives one to seek knowledge and experience. Whether you go across the country or around the world, expanding your perspective on the world’s vastness and seeing a culture other than yours will enrich your life and make you a better person.


  • Having a map might help you recall beautiful moments from the past.


  • A map is more than simply a representation of a location; it links to your experiences there.


  • If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, explore new territories, or get a better sense of where you and the world are, pick up a map and get ready to be amazed.


Reading the name of a location on a map that one has been to bring up vivid recollections of that location. You may find a wealth of information about the locations you’ve been to and the people you’ve met on your maps.


When you and another person examine a map, you’ll quickly find themselves pointing out various features and telling each other anecdotes about the area. Maps are great discussion pieces.


  • Gives information about the past


  • When you look at an old map, you can see how folks in that era perceived the globe.


  • Examine a historical map. Old maps reveal changes over time and shed light on the world as it was perceived by the cartographers who drew the maps.


Can it be that they didn’t know about some regions? Do faulty assumptions lead to erroneous results? The appearance of a map can vary greatly depending on the cartographer and the motivation for making the map.


When analysed carefully, maps reveal a wealth of information well beyond what can be gleaned from simple geographical details.



Children’s development of spatial reasoning is aided by exposure to Hema maps, which enable them to comprehend the connections between various geographic features.


Success in math and science has been connected to an ability to think spatially. Strong spatial thinkers will have an advantage in today’s high-tech, global economy, starting with the kids.


Skills in map reading assist children in becoming familiar with the fundamentals of geography, which is essential as all begin to mould their education and prepare them for the future. With a map in hand, the world is your oyster.

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