What Toyota Yaris 2023 offering in Malaysia

What Toyota Yaris 2023 offering in Malaysia

For the past ten years, Toyota has faced numerous obstacles in the Malaysian market; however, beginning in 2020, they have gradually fought its way back. To ensure that they kept up with consumer preference trends and expectations, Toyota went above and beyond by introducing Yaris 2023 in Malaysia. In this article, you will know the remarkable features and cost-effective pricing.

Malaysia’s car industry has been utterly changed in the last ten years. There are numerous reasons for this transformation, one being that Malaysians understood there were other options than Toyota. This resulted in a decrease in sales, but fortunately, Toyota remained competitive due to political advantages and more efficient production line operations.

The Toyota Yaris in Malaysia boasts several remarkable features that thrust its style into the spotlight and performance to the next level, fashioned as a hatchback body type. 

Overview and Features

The contrast is undeniable. The sleek, sporty design is a different car when viewed through Malaysian eyes. The massive front grille of the vehicle ensures a steady stream of air for combustion. Furthermore, its 1500cc Dual VVT-i Engine optimizes acceleration, fuel efficiency and power delivery while providing optimal torque.

The bumper is elevated by its sleek and stylish slit-shaped fog lamp design. The LED headlamps, accompanied by their integrated daytime running lights (DRL), are further enhanced when you switch to drive mode. The Follow-me-home feature on these headlamps keeps the lights illuminated for a brief period, allowing you to make it safely back home or wherever your destination is.

The Yaris Malaysia is also equipped with various tech features, such as 7 SRS airbags, 16-inch Alloy rims, an electrochromic rearview mirror, and a Front Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Furthermore, it includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-ready Connectivity for infotainment purposes.

If that wasn’t enough, the car offers state-of-the-art technology like a 3D Panoramic View Monitor (PVM) and a wireless charging dock – making your drives smoother than ever before.

Outfitted with the most up-to-date features, 360-T and Toyota Safety Sense will secure your journey.

Foldable back seats provide an extra 60:40 ratio of cargo storage space for added convenience. When you choose this vehicle, you experience a heightened sense of safety and connectedness. What’s more, Toyota Malaysia offers an impressive five-year warranty with unlimited mileage from the date of first registration – ensuring your peace of mind for years to come.