What Games Are Being Remastered for PS4?

What Games Are Being Remastered for PS4?

If you are a fan of the PlayStation gaming system, you know that there are some classic titles that you may want to revisit. With the introduction of the PS4, many of the old titles have been remastered and released for this new console. This article will explore what games are being remastered for PS4 and how they differ from their original versions.

Popular Games Being Remastered

Many iconic PlayStation titles have been remastered for the PS4, offering fans a chance to experience these classic games in a new way. Some of the most popular titles to be remastered include the “God of War” series, the “Crash Bandicoot” trilogy, “Journey”, “The Last of Us”, and “Shadow of the Colossus”. These beloved games have been given a new lease on life with improved graphics and faster loading times, allowing gamers to enjoy them in a whole new light.

The “Grand Theft Auto” franchise has also seen some remastered versions for the PS4. The games have been given an HD makeover, giving them a much more realistic feel and making them even more enjoyable than before. Additionally, the “Ratchet & Clank” series has been remastered, allowing fans to delve into the zany world of these two iconic characters.

Differences between Remastered and Original

When a game is remastered, it is given a graphical update to make it look better on the PS4. This means that the textures and colors are sharper and more detailed than the original version. The game will also run at a higher frame rate, allowing for smoother and more responsive gameplay. Additionally, some remastered games will have additional content that wasn’t found in the original version.

Some remastered games will also have improved audio, with higher quality sound effects and music. This adds to the overall experience of the game, making it even more enjoyable. Additionally, the controls of some remastered games have been tweaked to make them more responsive and easier to use.

Benefits of Remastered Games

Remastered games offer a number of benefits to both new and old gamers. For those who haven’t experienced the original version, they are able to enjoy the game in a new light with improved graphics and additional content. This makes the game more enjoyable and can even make it easier to understand.

For those who have already played the original version, the remastered version can be a chance to revisit a beloved game with a new perspective. The improved graphics and additional content can make the game feel fresh, even if you’ve already played it before. Additionally, the improved controls can make the game more enjoyable and easier to play.


The PS4 has seen a number of classic titles remastered for the new console. These games have been given a graphical update, improved audio, and tweaked controls to make them more enjoyable. Both new and old gamers can benefit from these remastered games, as they offer a chance to experience beloved titles in a new light.