Where Is Lil Frosh Presently?

Where Is Lil Frosh Presently?

Lil Frosh is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter who gained popularity in the music industry with his unique style of music. He was signed to Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) in 2019 and released several hit songs that topped music charts in Nigeria. However, the rapper has been off the radar for some time now, and fans are curious about his whereabouts. In this article, we will explore where Lil Frosh is presently.

Early Life and Career

Lil Frosh, whose real name is Sanni Goriola Wasiu, was born on June 13, 1998, in Lagos State, Nigeria. He grew up in Mushin, a suburb of Lagos, and started his music career in 2018. He gained recognition after releasing his single “Firi Yahoo” featuring Small Doctor, which became an instant hit. He went on to release other hit songs like “Carry Ur Baka,” “Kagadaffi,” and “50 Fifty,” which further cemented his place in the Nigerian music industry.

In 2019, Lil Frosh was signed to DMW, one of the biggest record labels in Nigeria, owned by Davido. He released his first single under the label titled “50 Fifty” and went on to collaborate with other DMW artists like Mayorkun and Peruzzi.

Domestic Violence Allegations

In October 2020, Lil Frosh was accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend, Gift Camille. The news went viral on social media, and fans called for justice for the victim. Davido, who was Lil Frosh’s boss at the time, terminated his contract with the label and condemned domestic violence.

Lil Frosh denied the allegations at first but later apologized for his actions and promised to seek help. However, the damage had been done, and his career took a hit. He lost his endorsement deals and was blacklisted by several music platforms.

Current Whereabouts

Since the domestic violence allegations, Lil Frosh has been off the radar. He has not released any new music or made any public appearances. His social media accounts have been inactive, and fans are left wondering where he is presently.

According to reports, Lil Frosh has been laying low and focusing on his personal life. He has been seeking help for his anger issues and has been attending therapy sessions. He has also been spending time with family and friends, trying to get his life back on track.

The Future of Lil Frosh’s Career

The domestic violence allegations have had a significant impact on Lil Frosh’s career. However, it is not the end of the road for him. Several artists in the music industry have faced similar challenges and have come out stronger.

Lil Frosh needs to take responsibility for his actions and show genuine remorse for what he did. He needs to continue seeking help and working on himself to become a better person. If he does this, he can make a comeback in the music industry.

However, Lil Frosh needs to understand that he has lost the trust of his fans and the music industry. He needs to work twice as hard to regain their trust and support. He needs to release new music that shows growth and maturity and addresses the issue of domestic violence.


Lil Frosh is presently laying low and working on himself after the domestic violence allegations that rocked his career. He has been attending therapy sessions and spending time with family and friends. The future of his career depends on his ability to take responsibility for his actions, seek help, and show genuine remorse. If he does this, he can make a comeback in the music industry and regain the trust of his fans and the music industry.


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