The best deals on perfumes – where to find them and how to get them

The best deals on perfumes – where to find them and how to get them

If you love the smell of perfume, then it’s likely that you’ve gone out and bought a bottle at some point. If so, then you know how expensive they can be, especially when they’re from well-known perfumers like Chanel or Gucci. But where are the best deals on perfumes? How can you get the best deals on perfumes without resorting to purchasing them from discount stores? Keep reading to find out how you can get great prices on your favorite scents without breaking the bank!

Where to find perfume discounts

There are many places you can go in order to save money when buying perfume. Some are much more time-consuming than others, but here is a quick list of our favorite ways to shop:

1) Be on the lookout for perfume specials at stores such as Macy’s or Kohl’s during their periodic everything must go sales.

2) Check out online retailers such as Perfume Authority or Fragrance Shop and buy from either the clearance area or sale items.

3) Subscribe to emails from your favorite brands so that you know about upcoming sales before they happen (e.g., Estee Lauder will have sales every now and then).

4) You may also want to consider joining a department store credit card for the points and rewards that come with it; these cards often offer discounts at your favorite brands as well as other goodies!

5) Keep an eye out for coupon codes!

How to redeem perfume coupons

You can often get coupons for perfume from discount stores like Target, Kmart, or even Walmart. When you know a sale is coming up, keep an eye out for a coupon as well. It’s not uncommon for retailers to release fragrance coupons on their sites in advance of Black Friday or other sales events so that customers are more likely to make impulse purchases. Deals can also be found in your local newspaper and flyers put out by the grocery store that offers perfume. Shop around the Internet using search engines like Google or Bing, which will take you to specific companies’ pages with current promos. Finally, a social media site like Facebook is worth exploring as many brands post giveaways or have freebies running as limited-time offers that change day-to-day!

Tips when buying from designer websites

Look for the Wholesale tab. You can usually sign up with a company as a wholesale buyer and they will send you an email when the next round of products is available, or you can join their VIP list so that you are notified about upcoming sales.
Do your research. It’s important to take time to read customer reviews from websites like Google, Facebook, Etsy and Paypal. See what customers say about service, delivery times, as well as about the products themselves.

Know your stores and fragrance counter staff

There are a few things you can do as soon as you walk into the store to help you save. First, look at what they have in the fragrance counter and see if they offer anything that interests you or compares with the smells in your fragrance list. If they have any testers out, go ahead and spray some on your wrists so that when you go around the store and check out all of their products, you’ll know whether or not what you’re looking at is something worth buying. The more time spent sniffing, the better! And don’t be afraid to ask staff members for help – many of them know about sales going on either there or at other stores.

Check out outlet stores (if you can)

Outlet stores can be the perfect way to find discounts on designer fragrances. Designer fragrances are expensive, so when you do see them discounted at a place like Nordstrom Rack or T.J. Maxx, it feels great! You may not be able to find all of your favorite scents there, but if you know what kind of perfume you want or what brand is your favorite, it’s worth browsing. Fragrance sets and testers are also an excellent option for finding a less expensive alternative that smells amazing.

Consider club membership benefits

Join a perfume club that offers membership benefits and enjoy:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly shipments of your favorite fragrance without the upfront cost
  • Automatic discounts for every order placed, even if you’re not a VIP member yet
  • Exclusive access to new products before they’re released to the public
  • Additional coupons or promos based on your club status or past purchases

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