How To Choose A Pool Cue For Beginners?

How To Choose A Pool Cue For Beginners?

Are you wondering about taking billiards professionally? If playing pool is simply not a time pass for you at the local bar, investing in a very good quality cue stick is extremely important. you actually don’t want your sports to implement to crack or bend within the middle of a game!

A cue that matches your skill level plays a semantic role in getting you consistent and accurate shots.

You probably must be thinking that you simply need to spend a hefty amount on buying a decent-quality cue stick. But that’s not the case.

Several pool cues are available within the market within a price range of $200.There is a range of these available and you want to choose the one which can cater to your requirements and your taste.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a listing of not 5, not 6, but the highest 10 pool cue sticks choosing the guide that you just can get within the market within an optimum price of $200.

In other words, you’ll be able to elevate your gameplay without hampering your budget.

How To Choose A Pool Cue For Beginners?

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert within the field of playing billiards and you’re thinking of shopping for a brand-new cue stick, you would like to grasp some factors and consider them from our full guide to know cues under 200. The factors that you just should consider are as follows:


The very first factor that you just should consider is your budget – the quantity of cash that you simply are able to Invest. you are doing not have to spend thousands of dollars on buying a decent cue. Our article mainly emphasizes the great quality pool cues which you’ll be able to get your hands on for under $100.


If you’re investing your money into buying something, you expect that the merchandise will last for an extended time. For this reason, buying products from well-known brands is very important. Some brands which offer good quality cue sticks are Cuesoul, Viper, TGA Sports, Ignat Games, and then on.


The type of pool stick you must buy depends on the type of performance you’re expecting from it. The more professional players tend to shop for a complicated cue for the higher performance that it’ll provide. If you’re a whole beginner, you’ll be able to consider buying a cue with a mediocre performance for your learning purposes.

Weight and balance: 

The burden and balance of a sports implement play a very important role in determining your performance. Most cues weigh from around 18 oz to 21 oz. If you’re a beginner, you must hunt for a rather heavier cue as a lightweight cue is harder to handle. Another factor to think about should be your height. Shorter people should explore for a cue that’s more forward-weighted.


The planning, Color, and elegance of a cue that has nothing to try to do with its performance should be the last priority while buying it. If you’re an individual who doesn’t prefer to use a basic pool cue, you’ll be able to consider buying a cue stick that’s more stylish and has ornate designs but which will definitely cost you more cash.


If you’re buying a sports implement for the primary time, it would cause you to feel a touch overwhelmed or baffled considering the actual fact that there are such a big amount of options to settle on from. during this case, you must remember one thing – as long as the cue is well-built and feels comfortable while using, it’s good to travel.

All the above-listed factors are great choices available within the price range of $200 that you simply can consider buying if you’re a beginner to intermediate player.