How Do You Motivate Your Kids to Play Outside?

How Do You Motivate Your Kids to Play Outside?

It’s a tug of war between the outside world and the gadget screens for every kid. No matter how hard you try, the glare of iPad screens is mightier than the lure of lush-green fields. Not only is it harmful to early childhood development, but it also causes mental health troubles in the future.

Thankfully, you can employ some master hacks like installing Vuly play euipment to usher in the zeal to have fun outside!

  1. Make the Outside Fun Exciting With an Activity Jar

Not every jar collection must have swear words or act as a reminder of how many times the kids have erred. You can also create an outside activity jar filled with entertaining options which the children can try out.

Remember not to make these ideas complicated; else, the kids will have another excuse not to follow through on them.

The best part is that you can let the kids decide which kind of activities they want in the jar and help them invent a game.

  1. Install Outdoor Toy Games With Rewards and Scavenger Hunts

Kids are inquisitive. So, it’s time to make use of their curiosity for their own benefit. All you have to do is install some toy equipment outside and turn the entire setup into a game. For instance, with a trampoline and cubby set, you can create a game in which a specific duration of time spent will yield an extra candy piece for dinner.

You can even hide directional notes in the equipment for the kids to hunt for and earn additional rewards like 5 minutes of screen time. This activity can come in handy when the kids are undergoing a transition period from screen-obsessed to field enthusiasts.

  1. Utilise Toy Rotation Strategies

It’s pretty simple. The more diversity in the toys’ access you can include, the higher their inclination to play will be. So, if you want the children never to lose interest in outdoor activities, start with a variety of toys accessible during the day. For instance, you can create buckets with skipping rope, frisbees and balls and another one with kites, water guns and bubbles.

Ensure that there’s only one bucket available on a day so that the kids can keep guessing which one they can play with tomorrow.

  1. Ensure Daily Outdoor Activity in the Kids’ Routine

Does your kid have a daily routine to follow?

If not, you’ll have to prioritise making one and then including daily game sessions in it. With an elaborate schedule, you can figure out the window where you can put the outdoor activities in the kids’ day. At the same time, it also provides you with an evaluation of which tasks are taking up the bandwidth of your children.

Depending on your requirements and priorities, you can readjust the activity in the schedule. However, you can also mandate them to partake in outdoor activities in exchange for any screen time.

Parenting isn’t an easy task. No matter how well-behaved your kids can be, there will be times when you question if the methods used are healthy. Allowing them access to gadgets will always generate doubts depending on the duration of usage.

By incorporating some fun hacks like using Vuly play equipment, you can keep the kids’ interest high. All you need to do is figure out their interests and convert them into the kind of challenges they will love to play for!