Men’s social shoes: five tips to get the model right

Men’s social shoes: five tips to get the model right


While for some men buying new social shoes represents a challenge, which makes them run away from this moment as much as possible; for others, this task is as simple as pointing out the vocca products when someone asks which is the best men’s shoe.

What is the difference between these two groups? One knows the best tips on how to find the best men’s social shoe, and the other does not. Which side are you on? Want to find out how to identify the best footwear for your feet quickly and efficiently?

If the answer is yes, read on with this new text. Many are aware of the impact that a shoe has on a man’s look and daily life, these recommendations are perfect for you to know everything that should be taken into account when buying a new pair of social shoes:

Prioritize comfort

Unlike what happened a few years ago, when the supply of men’s shoes was still low, today, men who stand out in terms of style and good taste, have understood that one of the main points of the male look is the footwear.

With this in mind, it is clear that they have started to pay more attention to this piece of men’s clothing. A common difficulty that men encounter in this fashion universe is to find out which is the best social shoe to call their own. If this is also your doubt, take note of the first step to get it right at the time of purchase: check the comfort that the model offers.

That’s right! This should be your first concern before placing your order! And to choose the social models that provide the most comfort, it is worth checking the materials used in their production and even reading the comments recorded in their social networks by customers.

It is also worth remembering that the Derby model is the second most important type of shoe due to its versatility. This model allows, with its lateral flaps, greater comfort, especially for men with fat, wide or high feet. 

Evaluate the cost-benefit

Do you know the old story that cheap can be expensive? Well, it is also true when it comes to buying new men’s shoes, after all, when the models are the social ones, the user will probably spend long hours with his pair on his feet.

And what no one wants when putting on a pair of shoes is to have some unforeseen event and realize that the savings, in fact, were losses, right?

Therefore, if you do not want to experience these situations, be wary of offers with very low prices, because the products synonymous with quality, durability, comfort, style, and originality, such as sapato mocassim, are usually priced according to the value of the item that is delivered to the customer.

And although it may seem like an unnecessary tip, this is the main one so that you don’t have any hassles with a new social shoe and live amazing moments with your partner, according to the specialists in men’s fashion.

Choose the best material

Although there are contradictions, the statement that leather is the best material for men’s social shoes is almost unanimous.

However, even though there is this classic of men’s social shoes made of leather on one side and many men do not give up this infallible combination, new materials are being launched all the time.

Rubber, leather, and other options are already easily found in the men’s social footwear models available on the market, including in the soles of these models.

But even though variety is a positive advance, it is necessary to be careful when buying, because in addition to leather social models being the most suitable for formal occasions, both the comfort and the finish of these shoes produced with other materials may not fully please.

Study the importance of the beak

If you are the kind of customer who decides between two men’s shoes just because of the design, you should know that this attitude is completely wrong, and that several complications in your look may be triggered after this decision.

If you are not happy when you wear looks that shorten your silhouette, for example, you need to get away from social models with square peaks, you know? But, on the other hand, you can use and abuse men’s social models produced with rounded peaks, products that, by the way, are always in fashion and make it much easier to build a harmonious and sophisticated look.

What is the best option for men’s social shoes to make sure you don’t make a mistake?

Well, if you still don’t know what your body type is, bet on the so-called medium term of the beaks, i.e., the models with beaks that are either rounded nor pointed – but, when possible, also research your features and body shape, these features are indispensable in the fashion world!

Note the finish

Do you always check the finishing of a shoe before buying it? If not, you need to start following this tip, because as important as the material with which a social shoe was produced, are the details on its internal and external finishing.

All this urgency is due to the fact that, while on the outside, the smallest details are responsible for valuing the chosen model, inside, these pillars, which often go unnoticed, are crucial to ensure the expected comfort.

Besides all these issues, the finishing set also interferes with other characteristics, such as durability, quality, and resistance.

And which brand is capable of building the best models of men’s social shoes? If you are already our customer, you know that there is no other answer, but if you are new here, how about visiting our site now, choosing the social model that best suits your style, and coming back to tell us how your experience was when wearing it for the first time?

Among our main differentials, we have the most impeccable production line and indispensable steps to ensure the best for your feet.

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