What are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

What are the Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is the common term for every man. Premature Ejaculation is a sexual problem in men which means when the man cannot control the climax or cum and ejaculate early. However, premature Ejaculation usually causes because of stress, depression, and physical weakness.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation means when a man can’t manage the climax and cum or ejaculate before anticipated satisfaction for one or both partners, known as premature Ejaculation. More than 25% of males worldwide experience this sexual issue. Ejaculation lasts less than one minute in clinical studies, as observed in one in three individuals. You need not worry about it if it doesn’t occur frequently. It is possible to treat premature Ejaculation. You and your partner’s sex could be improved by using medications, counseling, and ejaculation-delaying methods.

Premature Ejaculation might have biological or psychological causes. Hormonal dysregulation and psychological stress have altered men’s sexual behavior. However, there is still no common cause.

7 Causes of Premature Ejaculation

There are many causes of premature Ejaculation, but mostly premature Ejaculation is caused because of phycological and Biological reasons. Further, Phycological Causes include factors like Depression, Guilty Feelings, Sexual abuse, and Performance Anxiety. Moreover, Biological Causes include factors like irregular hormones, Aging, Some genetic factors, Physical Weakness Etc. Furthermore, the other causes of Premature Ejaculation are:

1. Tension and Early Ejaculations

Tension is the first cause of early Ejaculation, as the tension can tense pelvic muscles, pelvic region, and lower belly. Any person’s complete body behaves differently during sexual engagement under mental stress. Shallow breathing sets in; shoulders tighten, and the pelvic bones strain.

Therefore, a technique to avoiding premature Ejaculation while having sex is to relax your body.

2. Erectile Dysfunction and Age

Erectile dysfunction is also one of the most significant causes of premature Ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction prevents you from maintaining an erection during sexual activity, which kills all the thrill and causes you to urinate before you go to sleep. Age plus ED also has a significant impact on early Ejaculation. This could be the main reason for premature Ejaculation in your 30s or 40s.

3. Bad Porn Habits

Bad pron habits are one of the primary causes of premature Ejaculation. Watching porn is not bad at all, but when it becomes excessive, it starts affecting life. Most men see things done in porn and try to do that at home, leading to premature Ejaculation.

4. Depression and Abuse

One of the leading and most common causes of premature Ejaculation is depression. Depression causes people to ejaculate early out of embarrassment and remorse. However, one of the leading causes of increased depression is sexual problems. So, if you believe you are depressed and ejaculating early, see a doctor immediately.

5. Excitement and Pleasure

Excitement can be the common cause of premature Ejaculation. When it comes to sexual activity, each one of us gets excited. Further, sexual activity involves a sequence called the sexual response cycle. These cycles have four Phases, orgasm, plateau, resolution, and excitement.

  • The first phase is excitement; during this exciting phase, the pelvic muscles are tense, and the heart rate and blood flow to the penis increase.
  •  The second phase is a plateau; at this point, the cycle reaches its maximum level.
  •  The next phase is orgasm, where the sexual tension is released.
  •  Immediately after the orgasm, the next phase is a resolution where the body slowly returns to an unexcited state.

6. Performance Anxiety

When the man is concerned or stressed about his performance, then early Ejaculation usually happens. Because you are too focused on what you are doing, hyper-focus leads to premature Ejaculation.

7. Too Many Kegels

Your sexual health will suffer if you perform too many Kegels each day. However, there are articles and videos on the internet right now advising doing Kegel exercises to stop premature Ejaculation. By strengthening your pelvic floor, these exercises will enable you to hold your Ejaculation for longer. Even though most of it is accurate, if you consistently perform Kegels, you risk injuring yourself.

Surprisingly, despite performing Kegels for over three months, many of our patients still have early Ejaculation. The reason is that they induce this state of hypertension in their pelvic floor, replete with stiff pelvic regions, which causes ejaculation dysfunction.


So in the above article, we have mentioned the 7 different causes of premature Ejaculation given by Dr. Chirag Bhandari from IASH Jaipur. This will help you to improve your sexual life in bed.