Health and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

Health and Fitness Go Hand in Hand

Dr jay Feldman: Two simple words …’ health” and “fitness. Simple to pronounce, they are thrown effortlessly and without thought. There are magazines with articles accompanied by these two words – each claiming to offer the most beneficial advice (or at least an opinion). Television programs are filled with infomercials that extol the virtues of fitness equipment, health regimens, and both…and all the while, the world’s population is getting less and less healthy and becoming increasingly unhealthy! So, how can we address these two essential words that slip off the tongue? Aren’t that simple to implement?

Dr jay Feldman: We must first understand the meaning of “health” is merely the human condition of physical and mental health. “Fitness” is, broadly speaking, loosely referring to the physical state of the human body, both internally and externally. Most physical trainers agree that you must develop an enlightened mind to be fit and healthy. Nutritionists say having a healthy mind without a desirable body is impossible! But the truth is it is true that both are inextricably linked. We must apply the teachings of the ancient Chinese religion Yin and Yang to balance our mortals’ physical and mental states.


We need the right mental attitude to be fit and healthy simultaneously. The yin and the yang concept we discussed previously is a perfect way to express the nuances of fitness and health. The literal meaning of the word “Yang” in Chinese means ‘light sun’. In Chinese, the cosmology of ‘Yang’ and its opposite ‘Yin’ are the primary elements of the Universe, and yin is the word that means shade. So, by providing the illumination and shade needed for our fitness and health programs, we automatically achieve the proper balance we’re looking for.

Dr jay Feldman: What can we do to manage this? It’s easy to remember the phrase “little and often.” However, if we regularly exercise without being excessive, that’s great. In the same way, when we eat small portions every day, we’ve achieved the goal. A few small meals a day, rather than a large one just hours before retirement, has been proved by health experts to be better for one’s general health and fitness. An important hypothesis to be aware of is to eat like a King for breakfast, a Prince at lunch, and the equivalent of a Pauper for dinner.

This way, the body has abundant energy beginning in the morning; however, it is trying to process a manageable amount of food when your body’s metabolism is about close to sleep.


It’s time to talk about a dirty word that, to some, even the idea of ‘exercise’ is unsettling in the context of the things labeled “Health and Fitness.”

However, exercise shouldn’t be a labor in itself. It can be anything you’d like since you don’t need to be a fitness center member to jump around with a group of other damp and possibly even non-aromatic people with the same goal of losing weight or getting fit…whatever that means!

Dr jay Feldman: Utilize a mental-thinking approach to balance your exercise routine. For example, it would help if you regularly ran or walked at a steady pace. Set a goal of 1 and a half kilometers (a mile) for each walk or run. You should be able to track your progress and then check your time after each. You’ll be able to see that the duration decreases, and your breath gets longer. Some people aren’t keen on running, but that’s okay. Take what you’re comfortable with. If you prefer to avoid walking, it’s time to go back to the gym and grab perfume. Overall the way you go about your exercise is dependent on your personal preferences. Press-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, and a bunch of weights, clumps, and rowing equipment are best for those who love the sport and may have the company of similar-minded people. In the end, you’re the one who will decide what regimen is proper for you. Dr jay Feldman