The London-Based Cord API and Its 17.5M Investment in Europe

The London-Based Cord API and Its 17.5M Investment in Europe

The development of the London-based Cord API offers a unique opportunity for innovative businesses in Europe. This API provides customers with a Slack-like messaging platform that also allows users to easily access files, language translation, and intelligent automation. The potential for this API is evident, as it has recently received an impressive 17.5M investment. This article will discuss the features of this API, its investment, and the ways it can be used in Europe.

Overview of the London-Based Cord API

The London-Based Cord API is a cloud-based messaging platform developed by London-based software company, XSAS Technologies. This API provides customers with a Slack-like messaging platform, along with features such as language translation, intelligent automation, and easy access to files. Customers can also request custom integrations and publish custom apps to the Cord API, making it easier for businesses to increase their efficiency. Furthermore, businesses can also track employee performance and productivity with the Cord API. This API is also providing a new way for businesses in Europe to create innovated products quickly and efficiently.

Investment of 17.5M

The London-Based Cord API recently received a 17.5M investment from major investors in Europe. This investment provides XSAS Technologies with the resources and the funds needed to continue the development of the API, allowing them to create more tools and enhance user experience. This investment also shows a strong enthusiasm for the potential applications of this API, and demonstrates a large potential customer base in Europe.

Applications and Uses of the Cord API

The London-Based Cord API can be used in many different ways in Europe. Businesses can use it to send messages, collaborate, and share files easily. It can be used to keep customers and employees up to date, as well as to track performance and increase efficiency. Furthermore, businesses can use the API to develop custom applications and integrations to more easily transfer data and streamline their operations.

Benefits of the Cord API

There are several benefits to using the London-Based Cord API for businesses in Europe. It provides them with a cloud-based Slack-like messaging platform that is easy to use and understand. Furthermore, it allows businesses to access files quickly, make use of language translation, and use intelligent automation. Finally, the recent investment of 17.5M shows that the Cord API is supported and believed to be of great value to businesses in Europe.


The London-Based Cord API provides businesses in Europe with a unique and powerful tool to increase efficiency and collaboration. This API offers features such as easy file access, language translation, and intelligent automation to streamline operations. The recent 17.5M investment further demonstrates the potential behind this API and provides further support for its use in Europe.