No-Fault Divorce -All The Details

No-Fault Divorce -All The Details

No-fault divorce is a law that prevents you from suffering by proving your spouse’s grave mistakes that are making your marriage insufferable. And until you prove your spouse’s acts, you need to suffer for as long as you do not prove him/her guilty. Then, in the 1970s, California enacted something called “no-fault divorce.” This website provides you with all the details about it.


“No-Fault Divorce” allows you to divorce your spouse without proving the wrongs of the other party. It stands true for reasons like

  • Incompatibility
  • irreconcilable Differences
  • Irremediable Breakdown of Marriage

Your life together with your spouse ends the moment you file for divorce. Once the divorce paperwork is filed, you cannot argue about it in court (for this would be seen as irreconcilable differences). Thus, either you have to go through with it, or you have to settle it outside the courtroom if you want to reconcile.

What Are the Grounds for No-Fault Divorce?

  1. Mutual Consent: If both parties agree that their marriage has already broken down and they are not willing to live together, In this case, they both have to submit an affidavit consenting to their divorce.
  2. Separation: If a couple wants a divorce on this ground, they must have lived apart for one year or more before submission of the affidavit.
  3. Institutionalization: When one of the spouses gets confined to a mental health facility. This must occur before 18 months of filing a divorce.

Advantages of No-Fault Divorce:

These divorces are easy to handle, And they consume less time and cost you way less money than at-fault ones. You do not have to deal with much conflict, so you do not have to go through emotional stress. Settlements are entirely based on your spouse’s needs And his/her contribution to family finances. And it gives a choice to people living in abusive relationships.

Disadvantages of No-Fault Divorce:

If you take a look at it from a religious point of view, It will seem too accessible, and that thing implies that the value of marriage is so low that anyone can do it and break it as they deem necessary. And in marital vows, you promise to each other to stay together until death do you apart. In most cases, It is the decision of only one spouse That makes the other spouse’s wish to make it work go in vain, as he/she has no choice in this matter.

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